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SWE is to share my social worker musings with you, while I work towards a community without borders

The People’s Summit

“The summit, scheduled for 29 June to 2 July 2022, will bring together individuals and communities, people of lived experiences, along with global organizations to create a set of globally shared values for an eco-social world that leaves no one behind. The vision of this global summit emerges from the pandemic, the climatic crisis, andContinue reading “The People’s Summit”

My Liberation Notes

I am sure I have taken the train with different Mi Jeongs, Gi Jeongs, and Chang Hees, each one looking down at a screen to create their personal bubble amidst the faceless crowd. What does liberation from this ‘quiet desperation of ordinary living’ mean?

City Girl

Can there be a ‘rural’ way of life in our modern worlds? Perhaps we should be more reflexive about how we live and move and have our being, within the city we find ourselves in.

Critical Realism

When I listened to Mona Chalabi’s podcast on the gendered outlook on (in)fertility, I felt the social scientist sense of mission in me come alive. YES! This is what social science is about! While there was a hard-science microbiologist speaking alongside her, it was social science deconstructing and peeling back the layers of cultural assumptionsContinue reading “Critical Realism”


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