Social Working, Everything

SWE exists as a platform to share my social worker musings with you, while I work towards a community without borders

Practicing Grounded Theory (part 1)

This two-part article aims to address a problem experienced in learning and practicing GTM- after I’ve read as many methodology articles and chapters as I can, how do I REALLY do it?

hello darkness, you are not my friend

Something more personal for SWE 🙃 hello darkness, you are not my friend there is some comfort in knowing, i am not exceptional. i don’t want to be exceptional right now, i longingly look at another’s life,  and wish it were mine.  maybe i will be happy just doing a waitressing job? or any other…

Ecosocial Work

If social work’s main goal is human thriving, now is an urgent time for this ecosocial work to get the attention it deserves- given our intimate dependence on the ecological systems. To illustrate why, I will do a mini summary and review of the book Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth.


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