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SWE is to share my social worker musings with you, while I work towards a community without borders

2021, Too?

Came across this caption that quite aptly describes the wearied mood of many as they enter into 2022. On my part I have also been wearied in the last quarter of 2021- evidenced from the accumulating blog drafts holding sparks I want to release into the WWB that I have yet to actualise. Contrary toContinue reading “2021, Too?”

Stocktake- PhD Life Updates

Summer 🌞 One thing I really like about university life is chunking the year into seasons. This makes looking at the year and goal-setting more manageable, and creates natural moments to take stock. This post is partially meant for social workers (or those in similar professions) who are considering whether to embark on a PhD.Continue reading “Stocktake- PhD Life Updates”


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